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Cancer Career Horoscope 2019

2019 is a very exciting year for you from the career perspective; expect lots of opportunities to come your way. A promotion might be awaiting you in 2019 or you might finally get a chance to go abroad. Mars is the key planet as far as your career is concerned and it will be placed in your 9th house at the advent of the New Year. Cancer career in 2019 will see many fresh opportunities; you might come across a benevolent personality at your workplace that would help you in your career this year. With such great planetary placements backing you, your career is about to see some great growth and appreciation. You need to take your decisions only after careful analysis of all aspects. Your perseverance and passion at the work front will clear all obstacles this year. You will see a lot of changes around you during April 2019. A very close colleague of yours may leave the job or get transferred; there are chances for your transfer also. Change is inevitable, so you need to quickly adapt to the new environment and circumstances. Your rapport with your boss is very important this year; you don’t need to do anything particularly to impress your superiors, but always be on your toes because they may be observing you very carefully. 

This year will be a smooth sailing one on the work front.  You’ll use the luck in your favour and the free-flowing energy to your advantage and get all your work done on time. You will be able to finish off all your pending work in the committed timeframe and it will be quite impressive too. Miscommunications and misunderstandings are likely during April and late September, try and avoid such situations. 2019 is an incredible time for you to start planning long-term and to take the initial steps towards it. If you are aspiring to settle abroad, you may start the procedures for the same in the New Year. Negotiations will be extremely smooth in 2019 and you`ll be proud of all that you get to achieve. The odds are in your favour and it is definite that you will come across as a leader to your seniors. You may have some confusion about certain important decisions that you need to make regarding a new project during the last quarter of 2019. Use your creative skills to the maximum to surge ahead in your career this year.

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