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Cancer Horoscope 2019

The lord of your zodiac sign, the Moon, will be positioned in your fourth house with the advent of the New Year. This is indicative of a happy and prosperous start to 2019 and this impact is expected to prevail throughout the year. Since the Sun will be in conjunction with Rahu in your first house.  You will be blessed with all the pleasures and luxuries which the world has to offer and will have some of the most memorable times of your life in 2019! The Cancer Horoscope 2019 also indicates the beginning of an emotional roller-coaster. Although you like your feet to be firmly planted on the ground, you might still feel restless in the New Year and will have the desire to move. This would beckon you to look out for better career options in 2019. At home, there may be some upset due to misunderstandings between family members during the April-May time period. During this time period, don’t give in to negative thoughts and look on the bright side of things like you always manage to do. Your thoughts become your reality, so always think positive. You might go on holiday or travel for a while during the June –July 2019 period. Even exploring your own country will satisfy the wanderlust in you. Always remember that although water is yielding, it is also powerful, so be confident in your skills and talents especially during the June –July time period as fresh opportunities might present themselves.

You will benefit from excellent decision-making this year, so feel free to iron out any burning questions or problems and take them head on. You are an intuitive and emotional sign; your ability to cut to the core of an issue and find out the solution for it will be recognised and appreciated on the work front. Your colleagues may come to you for advice and assistance; help them out in the best way possible as it would only improve your reputation. But make sure that you don’t spread yourself too thin trying to be all things to all people. You should only concentrate on what's most important to you this year, Cancer: the comforts of domesticity, family, and friends. Your familial and personal relationships will strengthen this year and your home will transform into that place of serenity and security that you have been longing to create. You will find strength in relations with family members during this time, Cancer. Don't be afraid or hesitant to say what you need to say, express your opinions and profess your love.

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