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Libra Horoscope 2019

Transits and placements of Venus in the New Year would be important for the Libra Horoscope 2019 as it is the ruling planet for the sign. We will find Venus at home along with the Moon in your first house at the beginning of 2019. This implies that your new year is going to be a fabulous one for you! This New Year comes bearing the gifts of technology and creature comforts for you. You will finally get your hands on the dream gadgets and amenities that you have been hoping to buy since quite some time. Expect to be surrounded by luxury and opulence in 2019 as your lifestyle will undergo major upgrades.  Expect a few tussles with your siblings in 2019, nothing to worry about though. Just try and keep your cool and things will fall into place. Your charm and grace will make sure that you are never short of friends and followers in the New Year. This ability and talent to influence people will help you get leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in 2019. You will be able to achieve a refreshing balance and harmony at home and at work. New business partnerships which you forge this year will prove to be a smart move in long-term.  Libra, you like to try and please everyone around you, this may put you in a sticky situation in 2019. Many times due to the busy schedule you feel exhausted, and deep down, you realize that you often neglect yourself in an effort to put everyone else first. Try and break away from the shackles of taking care of the world and pamper yourself for a change, the cosmos have willed it so!

April 2019 may see you at the centre of a family conflict; diplomacy would save you in such situations. You are a born diplomat and can easily mediate the situation; however, you may feel very strongly about this particular matter and may be compelled to take sides. This may lead to an uncomfortable situation for you, but your opinion is to be heard if you feel strongly about this matter. Your family will respect you for standing your ground. You will be able to establish a steady rhythm between your career, romantic life and family life. You will be able to balance things in perfect manner this year and that’s what Libra’s love most! The element of fire will impart you with renewed energy, vigour and clarity. It will be easy for you to finish what you start. Despite this, there will be a lot of dilemmas, but your gut will be to go for it rather than to think things through. If you feel any strong negative emotions during September 2019 then pamper yourself with a visit to the spa or a short weekend getaway.

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