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Cancer Love Horoscope 2019

Mars rules your romance domain and it will be placed in your 9th house when we step into the New Year. 2019 showers you endless possibilities and bliss in matters of the heart. If you are seeking the approval of your family for your relationship, this year will bring consensus and joy. There is good news for cancerians who are recovering from a break up or are seeking love in their lives; the cosmos have blessed you with excitement, intrigue and passion in the New Year.  There is a high probability of finding love and starting new relationships in 2019, says the Cancer Love Horoscope 2019. Some deviation from your crabby nature is required for cracking love in 2019. You prefer relationships where trust and belief between you and your partner are strong. So first and foremost you should choose your love interest carefully if you are starting a new relationship. You may have the tendency to act a bit bossy and this may not go down well with your partner. Make sure you listen to your partner`s point and respect their opinion no matter how contradicting it is to yours. Be open and warm in your conversations with your better half. It is okay to show your soft and vulnerable side to your partner. There are yet more blessings in store for the single this year, and the initial months of the New Year will impart them with the confidence required to make the first move. You simply need to be around, socialising and just being yourself, rest will follow. So you know what to say when friends call you for a night out, right?  An old flame may re-enter your life and rekindle the long-forgotten romance. For people who are engaged, small tiffs are indicated during April and May, so you should spend some quality time with each other and develop the habit of listening. Divorcees may see a fresh proposal coming their way from someone they like during the initial months. Married natives and those of you who are in a long-term relationship can expect a fresh perspective on your relationship during mid-April 2019. You will make significant progress in understanding your partner and their needs this year.

The months of June and July in the New Year should be used for a romantic trip. This will help Cancerians who are in a new relationship to spend more time with their partners and to understand them better. Before indulging yourself and getting attached to your new found love, it is wise to take a third person’s opinion because you are not the kind of person who can easily detach from a serious relationship if things aren’t working out. Married Cancer natives may come across an alluring extramarital affair by July 2019. Step forth with extreme caution, It is not your cup of tea.

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