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Leo Love Horoscope 2019

Your fourth house will host Jupiter when we enter the New Year and the fifth house will hold the Sun and Saturn, indicates the Leo love Horoscope 2019. Leo, you have always been independent and carefree in your outlook, but this may lead you to appear emotionally unavailable for your partner. Reassure them and prepare yourself to make a few compromises after taking a look at the broader picture. Leos who are single and are looking for a fresh start and a fresh perspective to their love life will have to go the extra mile and put in the efforts for finding love and to impress their romantic prospects. Your passion sets you apart from all the other signs and you appreciate pleasure in the greatest of forms, your personal relationships are no exception. The year may start off with some friction and fracas, if you are married or if you are in a long-term relationship. Don’t worry; the planets will align in your favour in the latter part of the year.

 If you are looking for love, save your best moves for June as the cosmos will provide you with a window of opportunity to woo your partner during that time period. Be careful with your approach though, don’t try too hard, be yourself, and let your Leo charisma and majesty carry you over the finish line.  Aggression and ambition are best left at work, your romance needs a little more of your furry kitten touch rather than the roaring Lion that you usually are. Being gentle is the key here. Channelize your passion and vigour in the most romantic way possible: buy flowers, write poetry and conjure up a love potion if you can!

Those in a new relationship will experience the tingling bliss of a new romance and their relationship will become more intimate with mutual visits, long drives and romantic dinner dates in 2019. Give priority to your partners and don’t miss this opportunity to bask in the warmth of your glowing romance.  Make plans for weekends, meet and socialise with each other’s friends, you will enjoy it. An emotional connection is as important as a physical one, so make sure that you are emotionally available for your partner. If things seem to work out well between you both in 2019, don’t hesitate to take it forward as bigger things maybe on the cards for you and your partner.

During the initial months of 2019, Married Leos will again find the spark in their relationship that had been missing from their lives of late. Proceedings will get a little steamy owing to the sizzling chemistry between you are your partner. This is the best time to make your love life more exciting by giving a free reign to your imagination and trying out new things. You will enjoy each and every moment you spend with your spouse. You may even go to the extent of making some compromises on the work front to spend more time with your family.  An outsider may cause some disharmony in the long-standing relationships of Leos during September 2019. The best way to ward off such negative energies is to have complete trust in your partner and to have open communication with them.  If you are interested in mild flirtations, you may land up in big trouble during April 2019. Tread with caution!

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