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Virgo Love Horoscope 2019

Saturn governs your love life and we will see the planet placed along with the sun in your fourth house in the advent of 2019. Fair warning; be prepared to deal with disappointments in matters of the heart in the New Year. Things may not move as planned, you will have to put in more efforts to make some impact, suggests the Virgo love horoscope 2019. You are always careful when it comes to love, dear Virgo. You may appear cool and unavailable to your partner at first. Your sensuous and passionate side will only be revealed to them once trust is established. Those of you who are single and are looking for the perfect mate should hold their horses until the end of March. This time period will provide an added boost to your self-confidence.  One of the most important things which you should do in 2019 is to acknowledge your love and clear off the dilemmas and confusions clouding the romantic in you.

Virgos who are currently in a relationship may experience conflict with their partners around April, this is the time to seriously reconsider your decision if you are in a very turbulent relationship.  But before you land upon any harsh decisions you should put yourself in your partner’s shoes; were you too demanding? Did you communicate your issues clearly to your partner? This analysis should be unbiased because this is an important decision. If, your partner has genuine love and concern for you, and, is ready to make compromises for the relationship then consider giving your relationship a second chance. Your unquenchable need for perfection is not only about you; you also seek perfection in your lover, this approach may backfire. Try and focus on all the wonderful, positive characteristics you love about your partner. If you are single and are looking for the perfect mate, wait until the end of March. This time period will provide an added boost to your self-confidence.  2019 is going to be a mixed bag of experiences for Virgos in the romantic front. Always remember to hold on to those good experiences and to learn something from the bad ones. You will make a lot of new friends in the New Year and some of them will be good romantic prospects for single Virgos. Committed natives may be lured into another relationship by one of their new acquaintances. But this will not be an issue; your love is strong enough to stand such temptations. But you are a person who lives more for others than yourself so it will be hard for you to say an outright no. Just take it as a compliment and deal with such situations with diplomacy and tact.

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