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Gemini Love Horoscope 2019

Venus is the planet which would influence Gemini love in 2019, sitting in the 5th house at the beginning of the year. The versatile Gemini is always up for a challenge, well, the cosmos have granted you your wish, but with a pinch of salt, expect some challenges in your relationship or marriage during the early months of 2019. This will be sorted out gradually; you just have to deal with such situations with tact. So summon your quick thinking and wit, and, put all of your mind, body and soul into your romantic relationships. Your partner may feel neglected due to your amazing changeable nature which often makes you distracted. Your romantic affairs may be a bit strained in the initial months of 2019. But don’t worry; you will be able to sort things out. An old conflict which was not well sorted may resurface during this time. Early months of 2019 might prove to be a little tricky, for those of you who are searching for love, new relationships may not materialise. Save your best moves for the latter part of the year when luck favours you. Till that time arrives, just relax and let your hair down, and let love find you in its own time.

For the lovebirds out there, this year is full of sweet surprises. This year is best suited for wooing your partner and you should never miss out on an opportunity to do so. Make those special occasions count and come up with beautiful surprises for your partner. The impression of your deeds this year will last forever. Single natives will find their match by mid-2019 if they are persistent with their efforts. Keep things subtle and impressive. Show more of your genuine and humane side rather than flaunting your possessions. This slight change in the strategy can work wonders for you this year. There’s a surprise in store for some of you singles out there too, you may also find 2019 special as a past love interest may make a comeback into your life. This time you both will be more mature and ready to make some compromises for each other’s love and company. Such relationships may even lead to marriage this year.  If you are in a relationship and are facing obstructions from your family, then expect them to clear by the end of 2019.

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