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Taurus Love Horoscope 2019

Your fifth house is ruled by Mercury which will be in conjunction with Jupiter in your 7th house at the beginning of the year. 2019 carries some very exciting prospects for the Taurus love-life, there is an aura of romance, the blossoming of new relationships and a lot of flirting around you this year, so buckle up, it’s going to be a romantic roller-coaster for you this year! Those of you recovering from a break up might meet someone new in the unlikeliest of places. It seems that luck is in favour of the Taurus love-life in 2019. Relationships with those born under earth signs will grow strongly this year. You may have to stay away from the company of your partner during mid-April and May 2019, as your professional responsibilities are likely to keep you busy throughout the year. But, this would make your love more intense, as distance makes the heart grow fonder.

You appreciate stability and security above all else in romance Taurus. You will only be happy in warm, comfortable, and, safe relationships, and you will only prize a loyal and loving partner. A relationship is always alluring, but you are not made for flings and short relationships, though you may convince yourself that you can survive it. You have a tendency to stay attached even after perpetual disappointments. Choose your partner wisely Taurus, don’t let the rush and excitement of a new relationship make you impervious to your own needs.

Retrogression of Saturn and Jupiter in April may cause some turmoil if you are in a serious relationship already. Your mate may not find it easy to discuss some issues with you and this may increase the problems between you two. You need to initiate interactions and be emotionally available to them, and patiently probe them to find the reason for the underlying distress.  This lack of understanding is likely to cause some minor problems. Believe in your love and talk out your differences, you will be able to sail through this phase. Dear earthy friend, be patient until May, as the universe takes some time to respond and you will be surprised to see how your love manifests out of thin air. During this time, be open to social events and gatherings. You should pay careful attention to your appearance when you do every day errands. Your new love interest may be very close but perfectly camouflaged in the chaos, waiting to appear in front of you when it’s time.

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