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Gemini Finance Horoscope 2019

Your finances look great this year, Gemini, as long as you focus on saving your money and invest wisely says the Gemini Finance Horoscope 2019. You may have wanted to start an investment for a long time. This year you will be able to accomplish such aspirations by June or July. You should think before you act when making important money decisions. You will see many new opportunities arising financially, but take some time to focus before you jump into the next hot investment. In December you will see your wise investments beginning to pay off.  For every investment you make, you should set a target return, and once you are able to get that you should be content with what you have. It is dangerous to chase the perpetuating notion of “the probability of higher returns”. Ideally, you should spend the first quarter doing your research and analysis of the potential investment. Second quarter should be spent narrowing down the right choices and then you can sit back and relax in the latter half of the year when you will start getting your returns. As far as entrepreneurs and businesspeople are concerned, you will become the undisputed champion amongst the competition when the planets are fighting from your side in 2019.

You will receive some unexpected funds, which you had written off, by midyear. This would give a boost to your earnings this year. Earnings from inherited properties and assets will also be significant. You may spend a considerable amount on maintenance of assets or vehicles this year. Parents may have to spend a good amount on the educational requirements of your child this year. But these are expenses which should not be neglected and will prove to be useful later on. You may also procure some new properties this year; look out for such opportunities during the transit of Rahu and Saturn in 2019. Property related formalities and paperwork may bother you during the April- May time period. This may cause unanticipated delays in your plans and you will be upset about these new developments.  Mutual funds and other stock market-related investments are expected to yield good returns this year. You may start an SIP, which you had been planning for since long. The bottom line is that though the stars favour you, you should still augment your luck with your own analytical skills and smart moves for financial prosperity in 2019.

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