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Leo Finance Horoscope 2019

Mercury is the key significator here and it will be placed in your fourth house during the advent of the New Year. Your earning potential in 2019 is good, but you will also see a rise in your expenses, says the Leo Finance Horoscope 2019. This is a year of relative financial stability for you as compared to previous years. A small financial setback is on the cards during the Jupiter retrograde which begins on 11th April. This will most likely be due to minor oversights on your part. Don't be too hard on yourself for making a mistake, make the necessary adjustments and move on. Your finances will be back to normal quickly.  Delays in payments or receiving funds are indicated during June and July. If you decide to play outside your “money comfort zone”, do it after good homework and analysis. You might receive a good investment suggestion from an elderly relative or friend. You will be rewarded with financial gain by the end of the year, as the Universe recognizes that you have taken a chance that you had previously declined. You will triumph in 2019, Leo! You will see self-improvement in many ways, and you will have many opportunities to reflect on your plans.

Knowing your generous nature, a good friend of yours might ask for some financial help from you in the latter half of 2019. Like a true leader, you know best that money is not meant to only be made and stowed away; it must be used for the greater good as well. However, caution in benevolence is advised.

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