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Leo Health Horoscope 2019

You need to make some serious changes in your routine at the beginning of this year, Leo. Your unquenchable thirst for pleasure might have made you a slave of many unhealthy habits. First quarter of 2019 should be spent concentrating on lifestyle changes, suggests the Leo Health Horoscope 2019. You cannot just stop eating junk food in a day. Slowly start reducing your intake and then gradually stop it by mid-2019. Strength training regimen and aerobics should be given emphasis when you hit the gym. Engaging in something that interests your fiery nature, like spinning or zumba is a good idea. You may be troubled by some health issues during June 2019; this is induced by the planetary placements at that point in time.

After July your health is likely to remain fine. Those of you who were suffering from skin related ailments will find a cure and feel much relieved. Older folks may need to take special care as joint aches are indicated for you at this time. Rest and relaxation is a must for you. If you can find a good doctor or practitioner then start your treatment during September of 2019. During the last quarter of the New Year you may feel a bit unwell as your body may not be able to cope up with the changes in weather. Expect mood swings and a general lack of interest in things. Stress due to work load is indicated; your ability to see the lighter side of things would come in handy during this time. Ailments, if any, will be due to anxiety. This is a time period  when you`ll need to be a bit careful about your dietary habits as stomach related ailments might be a bit of a bother too.

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