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Aquarius Career Horoscope 2019

Mars has a strong hold over your career. The New Year will start off with this fiery planet in your second house. Your craving for better returns and growth will be the driving force for all your actions and plans this year, Aquarius. You will not be happy with work if your creativity is not used well there. You may intend to quit your job during April this year due to the stress and tension induced by work or due to friction with your colleagues or superiors. You should not be hasty in your decision and should wait for better prospects to present themselves.  A fresh career cycle will probably start by June 2019. Business development managers are likely to crack some great deals during this time period. Interpersonal and communication skills should be given emphasis if you wish to grow in your career, combine it with your accumulated knowledge, the plethora of contacts, and enthusiasm and you will witness real firepower for boosting your career prospects.

Enemies may disguise as supporters during September 2019 to misguide you and to slow down your fast-paced growth. IT professionals should consider taking up new courses which will enhance their skills and knowledge in 2019. During the last quarter you will find more people who want to work with and for you, impressed by your skills, down-to-earth personality and loyalty. New partnerships should not be entertained during this time of the year as there may be some hidden clauses and motives. Make sure that you get all promises and clauses in written, which are legally enforceable, don’t plan to move forward without this.

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