Hot yoga

Hot yoga

Are you of the opinion that yoga is primarily meant for physical fitness? Do you think that the meditational and mental health advantages of yoga are secondary qualities? Then hot yoga might be your cup of tea. 

What Basically is Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga is that form of yoga that will make you sweat your stress and help you release the toxins from your body. This type of yoga is practiced in a room that is heated at a temperature of around 27 to 38 degrees celsius. 

It is often said that this type of yoga form was established to replicate the climatic conditions of India, the place where yoga actually originated. Hot power yoga is a vigorous form of exercise that is often accompanied by music and aims at an intense workout that will remove all the impurities of your body. 

The Science of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is all about regulating your body systems and boosting your metabolism with a strenuous workout. It aims at releasing the toxins of your body through the medium of sweat and strengthening your muscles by making you work in a heated environment. 

The only things that must be taken care of while practicing hot yoga is to keep yourself hydrated and do not cross the limits of your body as excessive workout may lead to injuries. A regular hot yoga practice will boost up your energy levels and will definitely make you feel good about your body. 

How to Perform Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga consists of different types of asanas and breathing exercises that are combined together and practiced in a heated room in an intense manner. The effectiveness of hot flow yoga has been proved without doubt but still there are a few things that must be considered before practicing this vigorous form of yoga:

1. Remain Hydrated - Make sure that you drink lots and lots of water before and after a hot yoga session to compensate for the water that is lost from the body in the form of sweat. 
2. Wear Comfortable clothes - You must wear light and breathable clothes so that the sweat does not stick to your body and irritates you during the practice. 
3. Go for a health checkup - If you have any pre-existing conditions such as low or high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. then you must consult your doctor first and ensure that hot yoga does not create any health issues for you in future. 
4. A big no for pregnant women - This type of yoga is strictly prohibited for pregnant women as it may harm the foetus and may also lead to tissue damage and muscle injuries. 
5. Check your heat tolerance levels - If you are not able to tolerate extreme heat, then you must not go for this type of yoga.
6. Don’t stay if you feel dizzy - In case you feel dizziness in your head, then it is better to leave the room than to pass out in the middle of the session. Nobody is going to sue you for that, you can bet on it. 

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is no doubt a very challenging form of yoga, but when you count its benefits, then you will realize that it is definitely worth it. From relaxing your senses to rejuvenating your body, this yoga will work wonders on your body:

  • Hot yoga sessions improve your muscle tone and make your body more flexible.

  • It helps you reduce your weight at a tremendous rate as it burns a lot of calories.

  • With a regular practice session of hot yoga, you can improve your mood and get rid of anxiety, stress and depression.

  • It will boost up your cardiovascular system and also help in reducing your blood glucose levels.

  • It will bring a glow to your face and body as the sweat will clear off the dirt trapped in the outer layers of your skin. Also, it will regulate your blood circulation and help in the inner nourishment of your skin as well. 

All these benefits can have lasting effects on your mind, body, skin and ultimately your soul. It will enhance your mental, physical and spiritual well-being and ensure that you remain disease-free and healthy. 

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