4 Mukhi Rudraksha

4 Mukhi Rudraksha

The 4 Mukhi rudraksha (Four Mukhi Rudraksha)  is one of the important beads that help in improving the present state of life and promises prosperity and growth. The rudraksha has 4 natural lines on its surface, which marks its originality. It carries the energy of Lord Brihaspati who is known as the guru of all Hindu devas (Lord Brahma). Since he is the creator of the universe, his powerful blessings imbibed in the 4 Mukhi rudraksha makes it or the more loaded with benefits.

The 4 Mukhi Rudraksha (Four Faced Rudraksha) helps the wearer gain wisdom and immense knowledge in all spheres of life. It specialises in enhancing communication skills and positively changing the personality of the wearer. It helps to awaken the senses and become more conscious about life and its purpose. It helps to eliminate ignorance and darkness in terms of knowledge and learning.

At times, people can work hard but do not have the intellect to use their mind and work smartly. Such trait leads to no growth, success and even self-doubt. Due to this people lose the calibre to communicate their creativity and skills. It is at this time, on the advice of an expert astrologer one can wear 4 Mukhi rudraksha (Four Mukhi Rudraksha) and gain its benefits. This category of rudraksha specialises in enhancing communication skills and public status.

4 Mukhi rudraksha is associated with planet Jupiter which is the symbol of prosperity, wealth and goodness. This type of rudraksha helps the introvert people to come out of their shell and boost their confidence and not fear to face the public or market.

Benefits Of Wearing 4 Mukhi Rudraksha ( Four Mukhi Rudraksha)

  • It helps people overcome shy and feeble nature.

  • It helps suppressed people to take a stand for themselves.

  • It helps the wearer to attain self-confidence and creativity.

  • It expands the memory, vocal performance along with intelligence.

  • It helps to make people witty for better decision making.

  • Vishuddha Chakra is associated with this rudraksha that works towards throat-related matters.

  • It helps the wearer inculcate spiritual faith and insight.

  • It is advised for writers, students, scholars, researchers and journalists to excel in their fields.

  • It helps to cure sore throat.

  • It helps to treat respiratory-related problems.

  • One of the main benefits of this rudraksha is that it enhances communication.

  • It helps to brush up the mind of people who are dull intellectually.

  • It helps to bring order and system in life and become vocal about likes and dislikes.

How To Wear 4 Mukhi Rudraksha (Four Faced Rudraksha)

Day of wearing: Thursday morning after taking a bath and wearing clean clothes
What to do before wearing: Sit facing the North direction and chant ‘Om Hareem Namah’ 108 times

Metal: it is advised to draw the beads in a silk or woollen thread with gold or silver cap on each rudraksha.

Each rudraksha has a different procedure to wear along with the day to attain maximum benefit from the beads. So, before wearing any type of rudraksha consult an expert astrologer and know which one is best for you. He will guide you regarding the procedure to wear on which day and how.

Refrain from wearing it on your own, as it can affect you negatively due to the extreme power it contains.


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