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12 Mukhi rudraksha

The 12 Mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Sun. It has 12 natural lines on its surface that mark its originality. The bead assures strength, the power to outshine and is also known as Dwadashi-Aditya. It is said that it is blessed by the power of 4 faced Lord Brahma. The bead is worn for good health and prosperity. For those who are in the authoritative profession, lack respect and recognition at the workplace it works wonders for them. The power and blessings attain by the wearer are equal to donating 108 cows.
People who are shy, timid and full of fear, wearing this bead makes you fearless and sets you free from any kind of trouble. It helps to eliminate past sins.
According to Vedic astrology, our present life is linked to our past life deeds and is also affected by the movement of the planets. It is said some people pay for their past life deeds in the present one. Due to which they face a lot of difficulty and problems to make life better. Wearing 12 Mukhi rudraksha helps to get rid of all such sins of the past and revamp your life for a happy and fruitful time.
Vedic astrology states that planets are in constant motion from one zodiac to another. During this movement, they affect each zodiac in a good or bad way depending on their equation with the zodiac they move in or out in each birth chart of an individual. Thus they affect the events in your life along with the good and bad time.
It is at this time the astrologer would come to make things easy for you. As a normal layman one cannot know the status of planets and their influence on the lives. The expert astrologer will study your birth chart and accordingly predict and suggest remedies or rudraksha that would benefit you in all ways.
Astroyogi is one such platform that provides access to all kinds of astrologers who are experienced and can advise on various matters related to life. They would suggest effective remedies that would work towards improving the present life and attract prosperity.
12 Mukhi Rudraksha helps to remove doubts from the mind of people and get clarity in life.

Benefits of wearing 12 Mukhi rudraksha

It helps people with directional issues to focus and chose the right path
It helps people overcome the fear of fire and diseases
It grants the wearer wealth and happiness
It protects the wearer from suffering mental or physical pain
It makes the wearer fearless and trouble-free
It inculcates in the person leadership qualities
It strengthens the inner soul of the person
It makes the person happy from within and stress-free
It helps to cure night blindness
It helps to treat urinary and respiratory diseases
It helps to strengthen weak heart
It helps to reduce anger and worry in the person
It assures fame, power, name and position on all fronts
It works on Mampura chakra which depicts courage and conviction
It adds radiance, brilliance and lustre in the life of the wearer
It makes the person feel youthful and enhances vitality
It helps to improve timely action and increases power fo sight
It increases self-love in the person
It adds discipline and confidence
It removes the dependency on others
It removes traits like suspicion, anger and stress in the wearer

How to wear 12 Mukhi rudraksha

Before wearing any rudraksha make sure it is energised by an expert astrologer or else it is of no use. Also, remember to buy it from your money not borrowed as it would not be able to benefit you and will be like any other ordinary jewel with no power.
Day of wearing: Sunday or Monday
What to do before wearing: Make sure you take bath and wear clean clothes and then wear it around the neck chanting “SRI SURYAYE NAMAH” or “AUM KRAUM SRAUM RAUM NAMAH” 108 times.
Metal used: You can draw the beads in a wool or silk thread with silver or gold cap

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