14 Mukhi rudraksha

14 Mukhi rudraksha

14 mukhi rudraksha is blessed by Lord Shiva and Hanuman. The bead is considered as DevaMani or Maha Shani in the shastras. According to the mythology, it was produced from the tear that dropped from the third eye of Lord Shiva. Since, the 3rd eye of the lord when opens removes all evil from the surrounding, similarly this rudraksha is considered to remove all evil spells from the life of the wearer. It works on the intuitive mind so that the person can make correct judgement and decisions. It helps to attain success and prosperity in life.
According to Vedic astrology in our present life we often pay for our deeds in the past which makes it difficult to cope in life. Due to this a person suffers without cause. So, wearing 14 mukhi rudrkasha takes care of the past deeds and treats it right so that you can concentrate on your present life and carve a happy and beautiful future. Planet Saturn and Mars when in malefic mode are considered to rock the life of the person and disrupt every aspect whether career, love or even family life. So, wearing 14 mukhi rudraksha removes the ill-effect of planet Mars and Saturn.
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Wearing 14 mukhi rudraksha improves your intuition skills to make better decisions in both professional and personal life. It majorly helps people in professions like construction, high authority, professionals and also speculative transactional careers.
This bead is considered one of the most precious and divine. It promises strength, courage, victory and success to the wearer with immense intuitive skills. It helps to open guru Chakra in the body and keeps off any kind of negativity.

Benefits of wearing 14 mukhi rudraksha

 It helps to connect to self and strengthen the intuition voice
It shields the wearer from any kind of negative and evil practices and inculcates spiritual essence
It helps to strengthen muscles and bones in the body
It helps to cure chronic ailments like arthritis, obesity etc
It helps the wearer to opt for steady approach to solve problems
It helps to identify your potential and capabilities
It gives you strong will power and valour
It helps to reduce the effect of Mangal Dosha in life
It also helps in reducing the effect of Shani Sade Sati
It enhances the decision making ability
It helps the wearer to overcome fears, phobias and traumatic situations
It helps to treat nervous disorders
It helps to improve visualization
It helps to improve the present and shield from the past deeds repercussions to safeguard the future
It also helps to treat gynaecological problems
It helps to correct stammering
It helps to judge people correctly
It protects from misery, worries, fearless
It protects the wearer from catastrophes
It promises well-being and riches
It helps to treat sickness

How to wear 14 mukhi rudraksha

Make sure the rudraksha is energised by an expert astrologer before wearing. They would also suggest looking at your birth chart whether it is advisable for you to wear rudraksha or not. Also ensure that if a type of Rudraksha suits one, it is not necessary it would suit you the same way. So, once all these things are confirmed, you can wear it on the advised day and in the procedure the astrologer suggests you.

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