17 Mukhi rudraksha

17 Mukhi rudraksha

The 17 Mukhi rudraksha depicts the form of Devi Katyayani the sixth and the most powerful incarnation of Goddess Durga. Wearing this bead gives strength to the wearer. It is very good for people who want to build a good relationship with their partner or are on the lookout for a potential partner. It works wonders for the women and blessed with good luck and prosperity. It enhances the existing qualities of the wearer and makes the person magnetic and charismatic. It helps the workaholics attain success in both entrepreneur and job level.

It is very effective in helping one acquire property or a vehicle over a short period. It also helps to find the right match and attain worldly pleasures. It makes the person become more truthful and honest in life and follow the same path for a stress-free life.

According to the Vedic astrology, each rudraksha is associated with a planet and its zodiac. Each planet travels from one zodiac to another zodiac and keeps changing its behaviour from being favourable to unfavourable depending on its compatibility with the lord of each zodiac. The ruling lord of 17 rudraksha is planet Saturn. It is the planet that is strict regarding judgement and spiritual attainment. At such a time remedy like rudraksha come forward to pacify the ill-effects of planets which are in negative mode and are affecting different aspects of life.

As a normal person, one cannot find out the position, effect and behaviour of planets in one’s life. So, you need to consult an expert astrologer at this point. Astroyogi is one such platform that provides experienced and learned astrologers anywhere anytime over a call. They have been in this field for the last two decades and have helped multiple people, resolve problems in life and help them live a stress-free and prosperous life.

The 17 Mukhi rudraksha helps to reduce the effect of sade sati in life and its ill-effects. It imbibes in the person courage and confidence to face challenges and hurdles bravely. It is also governed by lord Vishwakarma.

Benefits Of Wearing 17 Mukhi Rudraksha

  • It helps to increase self –confidence.

  • It helps to control stress.

  • It is beneficial for people who are in a speculative profession like betting and lottery.

  • It helps the person become fearless.

  • It helps to remove the malefic effect of planet Saturn.

  • It helps to cure headache and sinus.

  • It helps to provide prosperity and happiness.

  • It removes obstacles and hindrance from the wearer’s life.

  • It works to enhance the functioning of Ajna chakra.

  • It promises growth in business and household work.

  • It helps to connect with the perfect life partner.

  • It grants the power to manifest our desires.

  • It helps in effective decision making.

  • It helps to destroy past karma.

  • It reduces anger and helps one calm down.

  • It helps to cure ENT problems.

  • It helps to promote new businesses and enterprises.

  • It helps one to find the right path guidance in life.

  • It helps to destroy past life deeds which are affecting the present.

  • It takes away the fear of death and value the present.

  • It helps to strengthen bones and nerves.

  • It makes the person take truthful and honest actions in all kinds of situation and not sway towards negativity.

How To Wear 17 Mukhi Rudraksha

Rudraksha is a powerful remedy to make life better, so one needs to ensure it is energised by an expert astrologer and solves the purpose of wearing. Do not forget to buy it with your money as then only the bead will work in favour of you, otherwise, it is of no use. Consult the astrologer before wearing it and wear it only if he advises as it can affect you negatively if your birth chart does not favour you wearing it.

Day of wearing: it is advised to wear 17 Mukhi rudraksha on Saturday morning.

What to do before wearing it: Wake up early in the morning, take a bath and wear fresh clothes. Sit in the East direction of the temple and wear it.

Metal used: You can draw the beads in a silk thread or wool and cap it in silver or gold.


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