19 Mukhi rudraksha

19 Mukhi rudraksha

The 19th Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Narayana, the supreme of all lords. It has blessed the wearer with all the comforts of life. The bead contains blessings of both Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi. The ruling planet of 19 Mukhi Rudraksha is Mercury and wearing it helps to treat the malefic effect of Mercury. The best quality of 19 Mukhi rudraksha is found in Sri Lanka and South India and should have 19 lines from top to bottom. It is quite rare to find original and good quality 19 Mukhi. It holds immense power that helps people in professions like business, social work and politics.
It also helps people to find the right partner, if you are seeking one. It is one of the best natural ways to cure depression and live a stress-free life. It eliminates Laziness, dullness and lethargic behaviour from the wearer’s routine. Instead, it fills you with stamina, activeness and strength.
According to Vedic astrology, rudraksha is one of the most effective remedies to treat the ill effect of malefic planets in one’s life. With the help of Astroyogi and their expert astrologers, one can get an accurate prediction about the problems in life along with the solution from the root.
In astrology, planets are present in each birth chart. They are scattered in various aspects of life and affect them with their constant movement and compatibility from one zodiac to another. Such activity affects various events in a person’s life like career, love life, family, health etc.

Benefits of wearing 19 Mukhi rudraksha

It helps to increase wealth and success
It increases the memory power of the wearer
It helps to overcome the sins of the past and secure the present
It makes the person truthful and honest and not get lured to adopt falls means
It removes any kind of fear from mind and also the fear of untimely death
It increases the self-confidence of the person
It helps to attain material benefit
It inculcates in the person patience and tolerance to make better decisions
It increases the stamina of the person to be active in all kinds of fields
It provides financial stability
It promises career growth
It helps to overcome emotional weakness
It helps to earn recognition professionally and socially
It helps to treat sexual problems and blood disorders
It works to enhance the Anahata chakra which is located at the centre of the chest
It acts as an armour against negativity
It imbibes in the wearer unconditional love, kindness and affection
It helps to cure asthma, fever and allergies
It helps the wearer become a multi-tasker
It provides good luck and fortune in all aspects of life

How to wear 19 Mukhi rudraksha

Before wearing any kind of rudraksha make sure you consult an expert astrologer. Since it holds immense power, one needs to be sure whether your birth chart shows the need to wear it.
Day of wearing: Monday is advised to be the auspicious day to wear the rudraksha
What to do before wearing: Wake up early in the morning, take a bath and wear clean clothes. After that sit in the East direction of the temple and chant the mantra which the astrologer as asked you to.
Metal used: Draw the beads in a wool or silk thread and cap them up in silver or gold.
Follow the instructions of the astrologer and refrain from wearing it without consultation.

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