10 Mukhi Rudraksha

10 Mukhi Rudraksha

The 10 Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Vishnu who is the part of trinity gods (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh) who are the creator of the universe. It has 10 natural vertical lines on the surface from top to bottom. It is the rare kind of rudraksha which is mostly found in Nepal and Java. The protection and survival of all beings is taken care of by Vishnu amongst all the Gods. The following rudraksha does not have any ruling planet, as it works towards eradicating the negative impact of all the planets on human life. It is known for cleansing and balancing the chakras of the body to help focus on spiritual practices. Since Lord Vishnu is considered the Dashavtara this rudraksha has the blessing of 10 gods and from 10 directions. The 10 Mukhi rudraksha assures joy, love, passion and protects the wearer from all kinds of problems.

Vedic astrology study informs that all planets affect various events in a person’s life. These planets are always moving from one zodiac to another. Some are slow-moving while some are fast-moving. The transit thus depicts the good and bad time in life depending on the nature of the planets during its stay in a zodiac. For some, a certain movement brings in prosperity and good luck while others can bring in a bad time.

To understand this one must consult an expert astrologer and seek effective remedies for malefic planets. He/she will study your birth chart and advise you accordingly. Astroyogi has more than 1000 experienced astrologers, who can help you deal with problems and a tough time in life caused by the malefic planets. You can talk to them over the phone anywhere at any time without having to go to them.

Benefits Of Wearing 10 Mukhi Rudraksha (Ten Mukhi Rudraksha)

  • It reduces the ill-effects of black magic or nullifies its effect.

  • It helps to cure the wearer of the negative influence of the 9 Vedic planets.

  • It helps to protect from unnatural and untimely death.

  • It is also used to reduce the Vastu dosha in the house or any other Vastu related problems.

  • It helps to remove jealousy, evil spells and ghosts surrounding you.

  • It helps to find direction in life.

  • It helps to resolve problems like insomnia and instability of mind.

  • It removes pessimistic thoughts in the wearer.

  • It helps to overcome legal disputes.

  • It helps to strengthen the immune system.

  • It helps to treat skin and stomach related issues.

  • It also helps to cure sexual disorders.

  • It helps to grant peace and protection in all aspects of life.

  • It enhances your confidence and works to maintain harmony in professional and personal life.

  • It infuses in the person a sense of security.

  • It helps to increase creativity in the person and excel.

  • It helps to strengthen the nervous system.

How To Wear 10 Mukhi Rudraksha (Ten Faced Rudraksha)

Before wearing 10 Mukhi rudraksha (Ten Faced Rudraksha) make sure you consult an expert astrologer who can analyse your birth chart and accordingly suggest whether you should wear rudraksha or not. Also, make sure the rudraksha you wear is energised to accentuate its powers and benefits. You should buy the rudraksha from your money then only it will be able to show its effect otherwise, it is just like any other ornament in the market.

Day of wearing: Monday is considered an auspicious day to wear 10 Mukhi rudraksha.

What to do before wearing: Take bath wear clean clothes and then wear the rudraksha and chant ‘Aum Hareem Namah Namah’ or ‘Om Keem Krishnaye Namah’ 108 times.

Note: Follow the instruction of the astrologer, if he advises you to do additional rituals according to your birth chart/kundli, then include them with the basic ones.


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