1 Mukhi rudraksha

The 1 Mukhi rudraksha is the king of all rudraksha beads. It is the fruit of rudraksha trees which is associated with the attainment of eternity.  It is ruled by Lord Shiva. While some people consider it the personification of Lord Shiva. It is known to help attain moksha and overcome all perils in life amongst the Sages. The rarest quality of rudraksha is found in Nepal, India and Indonesia. The commonly found half-moon cashew shape is not the real one, so avoid buying. The one found in the oval shape is the right one, suggested by expert astrologers. The ruling planet of 1 Mukhi rudraksha is Neptune. It can provide extreme power, wealth and is highly useful for meditation.
Rudraksha should always be kept in a clean place. Do not try to touch it with dirty hands, it should be removed before going to the washroom. It is seen that if you wear rudraksha you do not get pulled towards sinful deeds, as it holds you from going towards the wrong path even if you do not pray and just wear it. The rudraksha garland is worn for specific benefits and should be worn after consulting an experienced astrologer.
Since it carries a lot of power and strength, initial days of wearing might make you feel uneasy and dizzy.

Benefits of wearing Rudraksha 1 Mukhi

It gives clarity of mind and connects you with the god
It takes care of Sahsara chakra which symbolises the link between heaven and earth
It helps the wearer attain spiritual and material benefits
It fulfils the desire of the wearer
It destroys the sins and past karma of the wearer
It helps to cure migraine in a few days
It helps to cure depression, anxiety and OCD
It helps in neurotic disorders
It helps to attain peace of mind
It helps to increase concentration
It helps you to have full control of your senses
It helps to cure night blindness
It helps to cure respiration diseases
It helps to remove the negative effect of malefic planets
Especially worn to remove the malefic effect of planet Sun in the birth chart
It makes the wearer ambitious
When placed in the house it helps the whole family live in peace and harmony
It removes complications from life
It helps in controlling anger
It blesses the wearer with leadership qualities and helps to overcome stress

How to wear 1 Mukhi rudraksha

Since rudraksha is a powerful element to wear, one needs to consult the best astrologer to know whether it is advisable to wear or not. Consult the best astrologer at Astroyogi to know all about astrological remedies to make life better.
There is a specific number of beads that one needs to wear. So, make sure you wear the same number of beads not less or more as it can reverse the effect.
Day: Monday morning is the auspicious time to wear rudraksha after bathing and wearing clean clothes.
What to do before wearing: Sit in the east direction while wearing and chant ‘AUM NAMAHA SHIVAYA’ 108 times and then go ahead to wear.
It is advised to draw the beads in silk/wool thread and capped in silver or gold.
Note: Make sure the rudraksha is in direct contact with your body, then only it will show its effect.
Want to wear rudraksha and overcome all hurdles in life? Then contact the best astrologers at Astroyogi who will guide you regarding all kinds of astrological remedies and predictions.


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