Libra Ascendant

Libra Ascendant

If you are influenced by Libra Ascendant or Libra Rising Sign, it reveals the way you present yourself to others. It also represents how you respond to the world.

Know Your Ascendant

The ascendant, also called the rising sign, is aptly considered to be the automatic response we have to our environment. Of the other two signs -- Moon sign and Sun sign -- the Ascendant traits are the most overt and obvious to others.

Libra is an air sign that is associated with fairness, equality and the right relationships. They come across as pleasant individuals. That is the reason why everybody seems to like Libra ascendants who are also referred to as Tula Lagna in Vedic astrology. A charming smile coupled with a gentle approach is typical of a Libra rising sign’s easy-going personality.

Let’s take a detailed look at the characteristics and other attributes of Libra Ascendant.

Libra Ascendant Personality Traits

Governed by Venus, the Libra Ascendant possesses the qualities that represent beauty and luxury. These people love beauty, art, music, nature and the other fine things in life. By nature, these natives are curious, which leads them to have a variety of experiences in life. They are likely to explore many different fields. 

Libra rising signs are knowledgeable, intelligent, well-mannered and restless. People love Libran’s gentle and affectionate nature. They have a great sense of justice and order. These natives are the natural peacemakers in their social circles. Their charming personality is much admired. People with Libra ascendant have an innate sense of equality. Their ability to judge matters in an unbiased manner is admirable.

Libra natives who are in professions related to art, music, cinema, photography, textile, wines, alcohol, etc. are likely to achieve success. They have a taste for luxury and all things that bring comfort.

Libra Ascendant Physical Traits: A Libra’s smile is among the best in the zodiac. They have an eye-catching appearance whether or not they are good looking.

Libra Ascendant Mental Traits

The Libra symbol ‘scale’ reflects their state of mind -- indifferent or indecisive. 

Libra Ascendant Love and Compatibility

In love, Libra ascendants look for a balance between passion and friendship. They are attracted to competent and active partners. They certainly need wooing, especially the Libra rising sign woman. They desire true love and loads of romance too.

Libra ascendant has a compatible equation with fellow air signs Gemini and Aquarius. These signs share intellectual interests and appreciation for the arts. Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius also go along well with the Libra rising sign.

Libra Ascendant Health

Libra rules the kidneys and skin. A Libra ascendant is likely to suffer from ailments of the kidneys and reproductive organs. They may also suffer from anaemia, lower back pain, sugar problems, etc. These natives also are prone to catching a cold.

Auspicious Planets for Libra Ascendant

Saturn (Shani) is the most benefic planet for Tula lagna as it is the Lord of 4th and 5th house (one kendra and one trikona). Saturn is the Rajyog Karak here. Moon is considered to be a neutral planet.

Malefic Planet for Libra Ascendant: Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Rahu and Ketu are considered malefic for Libra rising sign.

Favourable Colour for Libra Ascendant: Ivory, pink, pale green and sky blue.

Lucky Gems for Libra Ascendant: Diamond or white sapphire.

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