Taurus Monthly Horoscope

(December, 2021)

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For a Taurus native, December is going to be a fruitful month, full of positive vibes. On the 5th, Mars moves into Scorpio. During this period, you will enjoy a cordial relationship with your spouse. For some, their marital relationship is going to be bliss. Delayed tasks could be a cause of concern for you this month. Monetary loss is additionally indicated. Attempt to save every bit of your monetary gains for the time being. Tasks will get completed but at a slow pace. It is time to think seriously about business expansion prospects. It is an ideal time to take risks for wish fulfillment. On 8th December, Venus moves into Capricorn. It'll be an excellent time for you professionally. You will get to achieve every height of success and a blooming career ahead. On the other hand, your personal life is going to be average. Attempt to stand back from heated discussions with your family. When Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 10th, it is an ideal time for you to enter into parenthood. Financially, it might help if you were a bit more vigilant. Attempt to save more and avoid unnecessary expenses. When the Sun transits into Sagittarius this month, you should be careful in life. You're likely to face various health issues like genital problems and diabetes. Be vigilant at work; or else, you will fall prey to fraudulent activities. Delay in job prospects is probably going to make you anxious. Attempt to stay positive and focused. Soon, you will be ready to achieve new heights of success. On 29th December, Mercury moves into Capricorn. Health issues, especially joint problems, will trouble you. Conflicts with relatives are likely to occur. Attempt to maintain a cordial relationship with all of them. Consistent trouble in your friend's life may worry you. You will have travel plans, but it is not the proper time to try to fulfill them. The approaching unfavourable time can harm you in any way possible. Be careful. Various obstacles in business might worry you. Attempt to stay positive. Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 30th. Be vigilant about your health, especially your blood glucose level and stomach-related problems. You will suffer from a serious internal disease, so attempt to avoid unhealthy habits directly. You ought to immediately consult your physician about your health. You will feel lethargic this month, mainly due to stress and anxiety. The main obstacles in professional tasks are likely to affect your psychological state. Try to stay positive, and you will get past all of your troubles soon. December is going to be a month of mixed emotions for Taurus natives. You will eventually get to realize what your aim in life must be. Make sure that your efforts don't go in vain. Make necessary changes in your life, especially associated with your health issues. Overall, it will be a fruitful month for you, especially on the business life front.
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You will be hit by a jolt of energy this month.

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