Taurus Monthly Horoscope

( January, 2021 )

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A New Year and new month of new transits brings a mixed bag to Taurus natives. On the 4th Venus enters into Sagittarius which can play fast and loose with your health. You need to take the utmost care to look after yourself in all ways. Slow down and engage your senses – prioritise rest, nutritious feasts and gentle exercise that rejuvenates the body. On the 28th Venus moves into hard-working Capricorn and you’ll find favourable luck across all of your endeavours. You’ll also be immensely supported by friends and loved ones which fortifies your tenacity and propels you onward. On the 5th Mercury moves into Capricorn which can trigger a lapse in concentration and make you feel rather lazy and unmotivated. Mentally and emotionally there can be a sense of instability which could be mitigated by adherence to a strict routine of meditation and yoga. Structure and routine are so beneficial for earth signs and end up making you feel more energised. If you do not have one in place, now is the time to get thinking. On the 25th Mercury moves into Aquarius which intensifies professional development and completion of tasks. You are also rewarded with recognition, appreciation and gratitude. On the 14th the sun moves into fellow earth sign Capricorn which brings about a wonderful period of wealth, profit, happiness and ease. All is well and you can bask in the glow of success.

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