Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

( April, 2021 )

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21/3 - 19/4


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19/2 - 20/3

By the 1st, Mercury moves into Pisces, which generates prosperity and a pleasant home environment. Spending time with family and loved ones is prominent on your agenda. You may also gain financially from work completed in the past. On the 10th, Venus moves into Aries, generating a promising time for children who will feel joyous and happy. You may receive some good news or enjoy a particularly fruitful time. Sagittarius and Aries are merry, open, and expansive fire signs that become emboldened and shine brighten in the world. A thirst for adventure is apparent right now, in whatever way is available. Quench that light spirit in whatever way you can. All are interconnected in life, and the past comes back around to benefit the future. Decorating your home, working on projects, or making your home feel more homely and inviting will significantly appeal to you. Your inner homebody is still exuberant and full of life. On the 16th, Mercury moves into Aries, pushing you to a period of fame, success, and victory. You’re likely to make plenty of accomplishments. Your intelligence is what holds this whole month together – when you engage your brain, things begin to happen for you in ways that you’ll notice almost immediately. You may even wish to explore an interest or area that is utterly new to you. You’ll experience the impact of Mars moving into Gemini and the Sun moving into Aries. This heightens your communicative abilities, although you may take on a rapid fire approach to speaking with others and struggle to hold onto what you’ve heard. You’ll benefit from high confidence and experience joy across every facet of life. Money is another area in which things fare exceptionally well, and you’ll have plenty to save, invest or spend depending on your preference. There’s a sense of speed and momentum as if everything is moving incredibly fast. This is dazzling and exciting, just the way you like to operate, but sometimes in the melee, we miss out on the smaller, more important, and occasionally essential details. Meditation and exercise help a mind that can become too loud, but if you enjoy the chatter, proceed! You are a dynamo of positivity and may help bring others into happiness with your compassion and vitality for life. This is one of your greatest gifts and should be shared with all. You are most charitable when you show the world your passion for it and all who live in it.

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