Sagittarius Moon

Before we jump straight into the Moon in Sagittarius, let's learn about the Moon itself first. The Moon is called a planet, in Astrology. It moves so quickly through the sky that it actually passes every month across each of the signs of the zodiac! Although most people know their Sun sign, many people don't know what their Moon sign is. Why is that thing so important to know? The Moon is our astrological den, and it is connected to our moods and feelings about our heart.

No matter what your Moon sign is, as the Moon passes through that sign we're all honorary Sagittarians. Sagittarius's strength is very vast, open and imaginative. If you are usually quite realistic or pessimistic, you may find you are much more optimistic than usual. Your mind will begin to weigh all the possibilities of a scenario, instead of simply concentrating on the possible roadblocks. Your thoughts in uncharted territories could end!

A Sagittarius Moon is going to renew your sense of adventure, so you may want to choose something (no matter how big or small), and just go for it. Sagittarius enjoys the thought of extending their horizon and moving. This may be something practical like traveling to a distant location, or taking their minds on a journey in a pursuit of education. Don't be shocked if you've been dreaming about registering for that class, or if you want to book a last-minute holiday during this transit.

Born with Moon in Sagittarius

The Lunar Sagittarians are the zodiac's free spirits, and are most happy when they have the right to live life on their own terms. Once they can retain their freedom, they feel their best, and come and go as they please. People with this bold moon sign are often a game to try something different, and they always have their nomadic nature dreaming of their next adventure! The sign does not ask, "Why?" It asks, "Why not?

Lunar Sagittarians most of all need personal freedom and space. They are extremely happy and simple people, as long as they don't feel caged in or co-opted. Lunar Sagittarians need to do something simultaneously. Meeting new people, going out and traveling around the world are all important to their sense of wellbeing. They enjoy open spaces, and a spacious and bright atmosphere inside their homes.

In Sagittarians there is a bit of a teacher and certainly a helpful spirit. They easily forget about appointments and the like, and some are even thought irresponsible. It is hard to stay angry at them though. They are incredibly optimistic and enthusiastic and they are swept up in their joy.
Someone with a Sagittarius Moon has a learning passion. This sign of the Moon is all about expansion and that means widening their minds. Sagittarius is pursuing knowledge, and they are doing so by finding the truth about the people and the world around them. This Moon sign likes to dabble in their pursuit of knowledge in philosophy, psychology, religion or whatever subject might help them.

Many people who have this position are outdoorsy types. They at least have a great love for scenery shifts and some dislike for daily practice. They do enjoy lively rivalry. Those people run away when the going gets rough. They don't like being caught up too long in routine and they just need to run. When they feel refreshed and their hopes are revived they'll be back.

Optimism is at the heart of people born with a Sagittarius Moon. Their happy-go-lucky attitude and positive outlook on life give them an adaptability which makes it easy to roll with the punches of all life. Some mistake their idealism for having an unrealistic outlook on life, but it's really the Lunar Sagittarians who believe in their heart that all will ultimately work for the best.

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