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Sagittarius Traits

Sagittarians are born between November 22 and December 21 and belong to the part of the zodiac's Fire element (along with Leo and Aries). Each of this lot is major personalities, who live life to the fullest. If zodiacs were theme park rides, Sagittarians would be the hair-raising, white-knuckle roller coasters.

Sagittarians are hopeful, restless, progressive, and adventurous. They cannot bear to be confined, hindered or bossed, and their catnip is independence. They want to tell their Saggie colleague what to do ... prepare to hear the slam of the door as they sprint down for the hills!
Unlike the other signs of fire, to learn as much as possible, Sagittarius has to be in daily contact with the universe. The reigning Sagittarius planet is Jupiter, the zodiac's largest planet. There are no limits to their excitement and thus people born under the Sagittarius sign possess a great sense of humour and intense curiosity.

Knowledge is important to these people because it drives their widespread approach to life. Many born with a Sagittarius zodiac sign have a particular interest in philosophy and religion and think these concepts aid their inner search. What Sagittarius desires most at the end of the day is to know the meaning of life, and to do this while feeling safe and simple.
Their emblem is the archer, which suits their wild nature. They love 'hunting' (love interests and bargains v/s real animals because they love both big and small creatures), they enjoy the thrill of chasing.

Sagittarius Positive Traits

Sagittarians are wise, articulate and level headed. They can see the possibilities, and they take the chance. They think ten steps ahead of what everyone else thinks and that's why they're really hard to fool.

Sagittarians are genuinely concerned for you but they don't always know how to express it. You are going to have to read between the lines. The one thing a Sagittarius struggles with all the time is to think too much.

Sagittarius is wild, self-contained, fun, polite and outgoing. They are known to be zodiac wild children. They are often to be found with a zest for life and a wild degree of curiosity.

Sagittarians are a deep thinker. They will want to explore who the other person is and where they are going, so they will be able to see the end with a consistency that is often missed by others.

The Zodiac's most brutally honest is Sagittarius. They don't care who doesn't like it! They are incredibly frank and that is why this symbol is loved by many.

Sagittarius Negative Traits

Sagittarians never want things to slow down. They are impatient and restless. They end up getting irritated and grumpy when events don't move as per them.

Sometimes, the Sagittarians behave carelessly, taking things for granted and taking chances that could put themselves and others at risk. Their carelessness also draws criticism from every corner of the world.

Sagittarius is self-assured, confident, emotional and quick to exaggerate and make something more important than it is, whether good or bad. They're melodramatic and boastful.

Attention Seekers
The Sagittarians are often considered to be irritating attention seekers. Sagittarians may also be threatening others to get attention to themselves.

Sagittarius represents a time bomb. They're normally really sweet and reasonable, but when they freak out, it's going to be an eruption you're never going to forget; they're going to do anything and all and just say anything nasty.

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