Sagittarius Teen

Sagittarius Teen

Boy :A Sagittarian young man is steeped in the spirit of adventure and loves to roam the world more than anything else. He dreams on a grand scale. And what is interesting -- this has a good chance of coming true! He has a fiercely independent spirit and finds it really hard to commit himself to anything. The best thing about him is that he is open to all kinds of ideas and this wins him a lot of friends, and lovers as well. Another reason for his popularity is his carefree, fun loving nature, and the enormous generosity that he bestows on his friends. He has a lot of energy bottled up and sports provide just one outlet. The Sagittarian will spend his life chasing wild dreams.

Girl :This is a young woman you can always count on, and most of the times, she is fun to be with. The Sagittarius girl never lacks company; she is bubbling with energy and ready to explore any thing. She certainly has the gift of the gab but her tendency to blurt out whatever's on her mind can land her in a mess. People around won't understand that she is simply being honest. If she finds something interesting she will simply go for it. She is not the kind to spend long hours in front of the mirror and happily shares her wardrobe with other girls. The young Sagittarius will excel at school and is likely to travel to another country for higher studies.

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