For Gemini natives, there are several fresh starts throughout the year, such is your nature, but January is certainly a month where we tend to reset and think about what we want the following year to look like. If we can allow ourselves to dream, then we can scheme our life into existence. We simply need to be able to let go and stop policing ourselves. Your imagination is so keen that you don’t find this particularly challenging to do. With Venus moving into Aquarius on the 9th, you enjoy a fortunate period in which you can look at life with a greater sense of perspective which can assist with healing and growth. You may have found yourself stuck in the nitty-gritty details, but Aquarius won’t allow you to rest there. It understands the need to see things from afar, to avoid the traps we set for ourselves. On the 13th, Mercury moves into Capricorn which can lend gravitas to the way that we communicate with others and helps lubricate our social relationships. You are already excellent at this Gemini, so you may find yourself making friends and influencing people rapidly. On the 24th, Saturn moves into Capricorn which can trigger the resurgence of old problems or patterns of thinking. You should not make important life decisions whilst in this fog. Instead, you should look at this as an opportunity to represent pain or problems that you may be quashing. What do you still have to learn? No one is a master. Practice, consistency and patience will get you there. Discipline may be a dirty word to you Gemini, but actually, your flighty nature is fortified by having some structure or routine to help bring focus to your flight. Without it, you are a caged bird with an open door with no idea of where to fly. With it, you are a soaring eagle who understands its limits. With the sun moving into Capricorn you may worry about the future. This is a place where you like to live, in anxiety. Try to ground yourself in the present moment. Mars in Scorpio can dull your energy and make you feel heavy after all Scorpio runs at a very different frequency to Gemini. Try to let it add depth and breadth to your experience, rather than weight and you might find this an interesting time. A passionate Gemini is a sight to behold.
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