Gemini Monthly Horoscope

( March, 2021 )

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It’s inevitable that you get recognized eventually for your mind because this is really the heart of your nature. You are a cerebral being who understands the world through a mental filter first and foremost. You are always in the mood for thinking, digesting, and ruminating. You can’t ‘get out of your head’ even if you wanted to; however, controlling the thoughts that crowd you is crucial to your wellbeing and success. Do not follow every thought that presents itself. This month as Venus moves into Pisces on the 17th, you may find yourself promoted at the workplace and enjoy huge financial growth if you can think about money in broader terms rather than as a source of instant gratification. Those of you who enjoy performance and acting will also find that others pay attention to you, for you have that unique blend of charisma and magic that really captures a crowd. Beyond that, you feel accessible. People see themselves in you and are attracted to what you bring to the table (even if they don’t want to be.) Yours is a very rare type of allure. On the 11th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, which can trigger some financial loss or a degree of unpredictability. You may find that you feel restless or unsatisfied about some area of your life and are plotting about what you can do to make a difference. You may feel manic and ungrounded, as if you are not at home in your own mind. Meditation and exercise, and hearty nutrition can help you feel centered in your body and self again. Consistency is the key to such a wandering soul. The Gemini need for change is natural, and if you can alter something, even something small, you should. Post the 14th; you’ll enjoy a great professional period secured by your own brilliant ideas – growth and victory are on the horizon for you. Finally the obstacles in life will all be sidelined. This might turn out to be a great year for gemini natives. A final end to all the issues which had been bothering you. Time to start fresh. Many of you who have plans ready and are waiting for the right time to execute them and enjoy its result. Singles, this might be a great time to find new love. So make the most of it. For those who are in a relationship, you might get married during this time and be more close to each other. You are lucky so make the most of this time.

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