Gemini Woman

Gemini Woman

Preface: The fun side to showcase

A Gemini Woman is very creative and often indulged in similar activities. They are very emotional if it comes to the correct situation and people. Contributing to their extrovert nature they are very open-minded and accepting. They can be compassionate but for very few people. Mainly they are ignorant as best as they can be because they like to keep it easy.
They have continuously changing interests. It is hard for them to stick to even in their interest areas. Gemini has thus often tried a lot of things in their lives because they don't know where their passion lies. They are very complex people and often others don't understand their actions. Their words are not trustworthy because of the things they do that are convenient for them and the current situation. 

Gemini Woman’s personality is a good mixture of being impulsive and caring. Every action of a Gemini is based on their present feelings, making it very hard for others to decipher their current mood. They have a wandering mind and heart. They are very romantic and can find the most unique ways to charm their partners and express their love. They are very good friends and can go to any length to help or nurture their friendship.

Gemini Woman Traits and Characteristics:

Gemini Woman traits are highly impacted by the fact that they have a critical dual personality and habits. Along with this, they are very dynamic and adjustable because they are a mutable sign. They only focus on enjoying every moment of their life. They crave for new things in their lives and don't believe in just passing their days for a better future. They work towards making their present worthy and memorable. 

They never stop learning. They can give you compliments for the art you excel in and will push you to teach them if it sounds interesting to them. A Gemini woman highly wishes to be understood. Most of the time a Gemini is taken to be haughty and strange. It takes patience to see through this and accept their dual nature, which is not even in their hands to have control over. 

Gemini Woman in Love

A Gemini Woman in Love can be very easy going yet demanding. They are the cutest partners you can get. They remain very enthusiastic around you and let you see the child inside them if they see a good level of appreciation and acceptance from your end. Gemini Woman has a lot of feminine touches while showing their love for their partners. They somehow surrender themselves to the love they get from their companions. 

A Gemini woman's personality is very talkative and loud. They don’t like to be timid in front of their loved ones or strangers for that matter. They love attention and are shy to express and communicate the same. Gemini characteristics in women dominate their need for less monotony in their lives. They like everything to be extravagant and thus stay away from mediocrity.

They get highly attracted by a person who is intelligent and sociable. Being extremely extroverts they are looking for the same kind of partner, who can spend time with her at a party instead of being at home. It is easy for them to ditch and move ahead if they don't see the same level of enthusiasm and zeal in someone or in a relationship.

A Gemini can be an introvert too if needed. It is because of their extreme need for alone time and independence. If you want to keep a Gemini woman in love with you, then be a good listener, give her time to accept you and your relationship fully. Most importantly understand her dual nature.

Gemini Woman Compatibility with Other Signs

A Gemini is highly compatible with Aquarius, Sagittarius, Libra, Scorpio, and Leo. These signs complement each other very well. They are considered to be very light-hearted people and thus take life to be very easy without any complications included. Gemini often goes along with signs which are outgoing and take life as it comes.
They stay away from signs like Virgo, Pisces, and Cancer. These three signs are emotional beings and thus can drain a Gemini's lightheartedness.

Gemini traits in females can make them take an easy route and slip away if needed. They are extremely adjustable but only if they get something out of it which they are looking for in a bond.

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