Gemini Traits

Geminis are born between May 22 and June 22 and are a part of the zodiac's Air element. Air signs are smart, quick and swift; they think more than they do or feel. Geminis are the wittiest of the Air sign gang. They are versatile, young, enthusiastic and fun. They make a great team, but in every way, they are difficult to pin down, and they are notoriously easier to communicate with as friends than partners.
Gemini is ruled by planet Mercury, making them fast, witty, and super in communication. Words are their preference weapon.
Since Geminis are a combination of the yin and the yang, the Twins, the Gemini symbol, represent them perfectly. The Gemini-born can easily see both sides of a question, which is a marvellously practical feature. The fact that you're not sure which Twin will be turning up half the time is less realistic. Geminis may not know who is turning up either, which can cause others to see them as fickle and irritated.
Gemini individuals are fun-loving but Geminis have some flaws like any star sign. The fact that every being and object inherits positive and negative quality is part of nature. Here are some of the Gemini Characteristics that are optimistic and negative.

Gemini Positive Traits

By definition, they are adaptable, straightforward and versatile. They are always willing to try new things at least once in life. They are willing to go along with any plans. If it is good for them or not, they are still prepared for the transition. They know how to blend into any party and circumstance and have correctly named a zodiac circle called chameleons.

Witty and very humorous
The best part of them is that you’ll never get bored in their company.

They are enthusiastic and full of life and always searching for fresh and exciting things to do. Their excitement often gets contagious, though. They are still a little ahead of everyone, and they can explore anything in life at least once. Their mind is still quick running, sharing all the feelings with the people around them.

They are highly knowledgeable and smart. They still got to say and share fascinating things. They are curious and inquisitive, and thus able to develop knowledge and learn new things. They are an individual with a book in their hand or engaging in an activity that will give them information and refresh the knowledge. They can see the 360-degree view of every situation immediately before making decisions about the next move. Mostly, they win by arguments and debates.

They are the most versatile human beings. They can do several items at a time and excel in each. The level of multitasking allows them to engage in many things, and combine them all. Out of the eagerness and excitement of gaining experience and discovering new stuff they are interested in a wide range of subjects. As they quickly get bored, they'll put their hands in different fields.

Gemini Negative Traits

Lack of Direction
Individuals in the Gemini are contradictory. One day they're happy, the next "it's complicated." At the drop of a hat, their moods could change. Owing to duality, they are continually challenging their choices on the presumption that they have actually managed to make one. They get bored very quickly and thus cannot focus and stay committed in one direction. They just want glory in life and don't want to deal with the earthly stuff.

Lack of Decision Making Ability
Geminis are smart and clever but because of that, they are too critical. They'll be agonizing about what to do for hours. Therefore, in a given time frame they are not in a position to make the correct decision because they are constantly in two minds. Because of this, they will miss even good opportunities. They can make rash decisions in a hurry, often. At some big life events like moving or changing jobs and marriage, they are often anxious and nervous, and unable to make the right decision. They will prefer a partner who does all daily chores, make routine and major decisions for both of them. 

Twins really don’t pay attention to the details.

Gemini born people prefer to take more than they can chew and this leads to anxiety.

Lack of Consistency
It is difficult for a Gemini to stay dedicated to one thing for a long time.

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