Gemini Teen Gemini Teen

Gemini Teen

Boy :He is a smart and likeable young man, who charms everyone with his ready wit and humour. Though he is not a born leader, he always participates in group activity -- he loves people. He generally lacks in consistency and flits from one thing to the next. A variety of things capture his imagination, be it chess, trivia or computer games. The chief dangers are a lack of patience and an unwillingness to persist until a thing is thoroughly mastered. He sometimes glib-talks, simply skimming over a subject without a thorough understanding. He is a born charmer and can leave a group enthralled with his talk. He may find his calling as a politician or a public servant. However, he may change his mind a hundred times about his future career.

Girl :The Gemini girl is quick on the uptake, brilliant in patches. Represented by the Twins, she is apt to run in opposite directions. Her heart may want peace, but her mind needs stimulation. Smart and witty, she has loads of friends and the phone will never stop ringing. Her communication skills are highly developed and her letters are usually masterpieces. The Gemini lass needs a host of hobbies to keep her occupied, which is why she is constantly engaged in everything from aerobics to philosophy. Though she loves to talk and gossip, she usually excels at studies. And she does that without trying hard too hard. She enjoys sports like swimming. She may also be involved in athletics, burning off the excess energy.


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