Gemini Moon

The Moon is always moving which means that we are all official Geminis once a month, even though you were born with the Moon in another sign. When the Moon passes through Gemini, we can be a little more scattered throughout this time, no matter how we usually feel. Astrologers would categorize the temperament of the Gemini Moon as being easily distracted — it is hard to concentrate when there is always something else that could need our attention.

Separate occurrence seems like the most important one, but each takes its turn in the spotlight and then fades away quickly. Take advantage of the mutable atmosphere of the Gemini Moon by changing your mind about something, or seeing another side of a problem on which you've been trapped.

Lunar Geminis are usually cool, witty and charming individuals. However, they can often be moody and irritable at home and with relatives. People in Gemini with Moon are often fascinating people – they have a finger in every cookie, they are curious about a mistake, and they are generally well educated. Nervousness and preoccupation with this lunar place are typical features. There is a general underlying restlessness and many Lunar Geminis need more stimulation than others do. Typically they read a lot, speak a lot and think a lot with this Moon's airy, mutable place.

Born with Moon in Gemini

No matter what your sun sign is, if your moon is in Gemini then you feel like one. Gemini is an Air sign and movement is about Air signals. On a windy day, they are like a kite — they love to let their thoughts fly, spin and wander. A Gemini's imagination is still burning, and they find endlessly interesting stories about people or the universe. There's always a feeling of wanting to learn more and to gather information. They are the person at the party who will introduce themselves to everyone and get to know as much as possible about each individual.

Born under the Gemini Moon, people are smart and want to be around people who can teach them about the world more. Often you can notice the smart sign reading a book, watching the news or taking a lesson. "The better the more detail" should be the sign's motto.

Geminis don't like the routine because they're extremely adaptable — they thrive on change and adventure. As they float from one thing to the next, a Gemini's airiness is on full display. There's never a boring moment when there is a Gemini there! Geminis are flirtatious and charming, making them extremely attractive. A Gemini in love is a great thing because they are faithful and trustworthy partners once they have met someone with whom they wish to settle. 

People in the Gemini Moon almost always have a way with words. They are smart and funny and they can be found chatting with others more often than not. They are sociable and polite and are at ease in crowds. Some pay so much attention to what is being done by everyone else and lose contact with what they really want to do. Lunar Geminis usually have one million and one projects going on. They are amazing people and they have boundless creativity.

Their openness to new ideas is admirable because the effect is decisiveness and determination. However, flexibility and adaptability are some of the stronger features of the Moon's role. Those people can quickly become snappy when irritable. Their moodiness is complicated – this isn't the same kind of moodiness, for example, that you would associate with water sign stars. Hard action typically stems from inner restlessness. Lunar Geminis wants to do all of this and has trouble sticking to any idea.

In Geminis, when problems occur, Moon's first impulse is to talk things out. Their analytic tendency may give them the appearance of emotional detachment. In reality, Geminis might be extremely comfortable talking about their feelings but it doesn't come as naturally to feel their own feelings. Those who don't take time out to really emotionalise and consider their own needs that end up disconcerting others. Feeling confused is popular for Geminis. The only possible solution to the dilemma is to learn to touch their own feelings.

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