Gemini Season

Preface: After all the hard work, take a break

Gemini birth dates will hit the astrological cycle on May 21st and will remain in swing till June 20th. After the Taurus season, this month takes away all the heaviness from your lives and your mind. This season just like the zodiac Gemini brings the feeling of happiness in your life and allows you to feel good about everything. It helps you to appreciate everything around and take it easy for some time; to chill and to enjoy things. 
Gemini season is all about not taking things too seriously in life. You just be your childhood self, carefree and away from chaotic objects. This not only helps you to ease a bit but also helps to clean some clutter from your life. After all, not all problems are worth pondering over for a long time. 

It is advised to spend more time with people you can rely on and who can inspire you to do better. Gemini month will bring strong waves of energy and confidence in your life and personality which would need a good taming and correct usage. It is a good time to learn new things and involve yourself in new art or hobbies. With all the adrenaline rush, you will highly enjoy doing something new. This can help you to find a whole new perspective. The Gemini dates can completely change your thinking pattern around certain things, so be very open to everything.

Gemini Season

Gemini’s are ruled by planet Mercury which is known to be the planet of communication and information. There are strong chances that the Gemini season brings for you the need for reconnecting with old lost friends or falling in intelligent conversations. Gemini's are known to be curious souls, you might also feel a strong urge to know more about things and learn new aspects of life. 

This whole month you will feel lightness in your mood and life in general. Such positive vibes can help you to take the same aura ahead, in the upcoming seasons. It is all about how you use this time and how it makes you better in different spheres of life. Gemini season can make you energized enough to do a lot of things altogether, like taking a small trip, meeting new people, and other such things. Amongst all this you need to focus on what is important, though it is the time to relax, you need to keep in mind that your goals are still in tow.

Gemini being an air sign and ruled by Mercury, you will have drastic shifts in your thoughts and outlook. You would want to be busy and noticeable, crave new experiences, have out of the box conversations, would want solitude, and many such things. Gemini month can be tricky if not handled in a subtle and precautious manner.

You can take this month to be the time for enjoying all the hard work that you have been doing in the past two seasons. Also, if you have been brainstorming only then the Gemini season can help you to understand that as to what to do with all the ideas you amalgamated.

Gemini Month in General

Gemini month is basically about embracing different shades of your personality and letting go of the inhibitions. There is no place of being rigid in your ways while being in the Gemini zodiac dates; it is all about loosening up. It is time to just let your inner self flow and indulge in intellectual things and focus on your goals and your learning.

Gemini season is going to be very good for all the air signs, like, Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra. For these three signs, things are going to flow easily and they will inspect a hearty time in their lives. A lot of positivity is in store for all the three signs. You will experience a good surge in your moods. There are high chances of you being talkative and feeling adventurous for no reason at all during the whole month. 

It will be a great month in your love life too. There are high chances of things getting serious and deep. The Gemini month might be burdensome for signs like Pisces and Virgo. You might feel the need for some quiet amongst the current hustle. 

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