Stay away from alcohol today. You will be under mental pressure so do not even think of drinking. Stay at home and relax instead of trying to part of a group and getting into undesirable habits. Today, you must focus on improving your habits and switching to a healthier lifestyle.
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This week you`ll find yourself concerned about your eating habits.Your health is not necessarily suffering now, but it would still do you some good to improve your diet. You are likely to increase your fibre intake and also eat more fruits and vegetables. Try to include organic food in your diet, as it is free of preservatives and insecticides and therefore is better for your overall well-being.

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A hectic lifestyle coupled with some unhealthy habits may leave you vulnerable to falling ill today. Therefore, improve your diet to enjoy sound health. Include some whole-grain products and vegetables into your routine in place of mineral-deficient food. At the same time, make exercise an important part of your daily routine and take time out of your busy schedule for recreational activities.
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