Today you will find that you are developing regular correspondence with a new romantic interest who may actually be located far away from you. You are wondering what this might turn into, despite the logistical hurdles. Just let things proceed naturally and see where they go, as there are no indications yet that you should stop it before it even starts. It may broaden your horizons after all.
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Romantically you will see that today obstacles fall out of your way and your path heads in the direction you were hoping for. You may be able to deepen a relationship with someone you long admired. Family members will come around to your point of view and this person shows you how much he or she cares. Enjoy this period and build on the good rapport and trust that is being built.

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Today a reunion is in store for you on the romantic front. You can expect a visit from a long-lost romantic partner or someone you had a secret crush on for a very long time. This visitor will take you by surprise and make your heart skip a beat. Don`t miss this opportunity to catch up with this person and see if the sparks will still fly.
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