Aries Man

Preface: Understanding those energy balls Aries are
Aries being the first zodiac sign in the chart are natural leaders. The Aries season starts in the spring, which gives their personality that extra punch and energy. An Aries Man Traits include a wide variety. They are boisterous, outgoing, go getters and extremely masculine. An Aries Man’s personality is not hard to decipher. They are the easiest people to understand, extremely uncomplicated. They can’t twist their words; they are more action driven.
They want to be in charge of everything, be it relationships, their life or any situation. This always being in charge attitude makes them extremely ambitious and hardworking. Whatever is running in their mind they need to get it done.

The Basic Aries Man Traits and Characteristics:

Aries traits in a male make him extremely passionate and a confident leader. They are a great mixture of a courageous warrior and an ecstatic child. The traits of an Aries male make them direct in their approach. This earns them good friends because they are straightforward and upfront. They are also very spontaneous which make them quick witted, funny and sarcastic. They live their life in a very bold manner and do what their heart and mind desires.
They are bossy but extremely friendly. They can intimidate your dull life by being daring enough to do certain things in their life, as an Aries man comes with the trait of being adventurous.

Aries Man Work Ethics

While working an Aries Man’s personality sees many shifts. As they are never dull and boring they showcase the same traits in the workplace. They are the risk takers and never are scared from picking up new opportunities. They are very impulsive and enthusiastic when it comes to work. They like being straightforward and expect the same. So there is no point beating around the bushes with them, always stick to the point.
They are ‘Do it myself’ kind of personalities. They take advice but always do what they want to do because of their leadership qualities. Their spirit animal is Cheetah so always expect alienation of one form or the other around them. Don’t mistake their need for independence to be arrogance. They are very honest and direct. Often they alienate themselves if they have something running in their mind that needs to be accomplished.

Aries Man in Love

Aries men fall hard in love but they need their own privacy and personal space. This is because they are a good mixture of sensitivity and toughness. An Aries man in love needs a lot of interaction. Just like usual they like straight approaches. So, if you like an Aries man let him know; be completely honest with them. Honesty is what they vouch for. Aries man in love cannot handle a woman who is not substantial enough. They need someone smart to hang-out with, just like they are. You should know how to engage with him and keep him interested.
An Aries man can be extremely caring and loyal. But they hold extreme emotions. Either they are fully into you or not into you at all. They like the starting rush of any relationship and thus that makes it easy for them to fall in and out of love. To keep an Aries man in love with you for a longer period of time you need to match up with him in many scenarios. Be it being adventurous or intimate or career oriented.

Aries Man Compatibility with other signs:

Aries being the fire sign gels well with the other fire signs like Leo and Sagittarius. Aries is most compatible with Gemini and Aquarius. Both signs being highly informative can keep an Aries always attracted to them. Aries are also attracted to Libra.
The signs that an Aries man is least compatible with are Cancer and Capricorn.
An Aries man can lighten up your life with their energy and enthusiasm but be ready to take the honesty they come up with. They can be great friends and motivators and also a great partner if engaged in the relationship in a right manner. The traits and personality of an Aries man in love or otherwise are peculiar yet interesting which makes them to stand out among others.

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