Aries Personality

Aries Personality

Aries are a fiery bunch and they love nothing more than to pursue their goals. An Arian will lead the way into any adventure and be the first to bravely step into the great unknown. Your natural charisma and magnetism tends to make you great leaders, and this is something you revel in. You do Aries, after all, enjoy being the center of attention, and love to play the lead role. Your personality traits are largely reflected in this profound ability to lead. You are also immensely competitive and you have to be number one.

Aries is the sign of the self, and people born under this sign tend to be extremely independent and place value on their own life. You can, in that respect, come across as self centered, though it is more fair to say you are self-orientated.  Other people often enjoy the company of Aries, who are straight talking and enthusiastic, but also generous and generally very optimistic. You are adventurous, independent, courageous, and full of energy. You can, on the flip side Aries, show signs of arrogance, stubbornness, and impulsiveness.

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 Aries likes to be appreciated and adored. You like to surround yourself with likeminded people who understand your feelings. The Aries personality is attracted towards anything new. You like to go on a shopping spree and spend cheerfully on new stuff, especially clothes. You love well prepared dishes and like to experiment with new cuisines all the time!


Aries dislikes being ignored. There is nothing worse for Aries than being on a date with someone who's not paying attention. You tend to lose your temper and end up saying some rash things. You don't like it when others do better than you. You love to be the best at everything and would not even wish your friends to outdo you. You do not like to admit your mistakes and have a hard time confessing your true feelings.

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