Cancer male Love Relationship with Libra female

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Cancer is not temperamentally suited to cope with the freedom-loving Libran. They could go on for days without speaking to each other after a serious disagreement. Libra`s desire for attention may bring on a period of sulking, even depression and this could create a highly tense situation. Though Libra holds a sense of justice and fair play, Cancer has a tendency to exploit these qualities to his own advantage. Yet this water-air combination could make it. Ruled by moon and Venus, respectively, there is plenty of common ground here. Both signs are artistic and dreamy, and can have a great time together. The sensitive Cancer can rest assured that Libra is, on the whole, a peace-loving person and does not believe in stirring things up too often. Libra has a loving nature as well, and this is fine with Cancer. Again, Libra is highly appreciative of Cancer`s loyalty and generosity. So here is a relationship that can work.

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