Cancer male Love Relationship with Cancer female

Kundli Matching

A beautiful marriage, full of feelings, love and care. Each will have intuitive understanding of the other`s moods, desires and needs. There will be times when they disagree completely, with each clinging desperately to the experiences and teachings of early childhood. But there will be sympathy and understanding all the same. Both will have identical tenacity, like that of glue on paper. Once the relationship is formed, it will endure, regardless of the hurdles. Each will give due consideration to the positive traits of the other, and the pair, therefore, should have no trouble in finding constant and true marital bliss. The first thing both need to do after a meeting is to understand who goes where and when. Otherwise, both are likely to just sit there and wait for the other one to make the first move. A scene that could be easily avoided. Unless, of course, both are acting, in which case, this movie would indeed need a director!

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