Cancer male Love Relationship with Capricorn female

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Cancer and Capricorn are 180 degrees in opposition to each other, astrologically speaking. But this need not be true in real life as both signs have plenty in common. Cancer`s natural sympathy and understanding towards others is honey to Capricorn`s much misunderstood complaints. Both have a tendency to plod along until they get what they want. Capricorn has the ability to make her man`s dreams come true, while Cancer is happy wishing Capricorn the success and security that she strives for. The elements of water and earth normally go well together, but being zodiac opposites, you can expect Cancer and Capricorn to be the two sides of the same coin. You`ll have to take the good with the bad, and there will be plenty of both. Capricorn, for one, lacks the warmth and affection that Cancer requires and this is something she has got to develop for the marriage to work. Otherwise there is the danger of the crab withdrawing into his shell.

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