Cancer male Love Relationship with Taurus female

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Usually this makes for a good combination. Cancer likes a good home, which is filled with love and affection. And this is precisely what every female Taurus also hopes to achieve when she opts for matrimony. From an emotional point of view, there is nothing in the stars to bar the prospects of a happy married life between these two partners. Of course, one thing Taurus must remember is that Cancer is exceedingly sensitive, and will crawl into a shell if emotionally hurt or unhappy. So she has to take extra care while dealing with his emotions or else he may withdraw. This combination usually works well as each sign is naturally attracted by the wealth of the other`s feelings and emotions. The only difference is that while Cancer is shy and reticent, his partner is more earthy and open. Cancer will appreciate a Taurus female`s solid, homely nature while the latter will appreciate Cancer`s soft and caring attitude towards her.

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