Cancer male Love Relationship with Aquarius female

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The social side of the Aquarian may prove too hectic for the homebound Cancer. Aquarius loves to share her life`s stories with the world while Cancer is satisfied with concentrating on the home front and personal obligations. Cancer has a conservative taste while the Aquarian taste is usually more cosmopolitan. The eccentricities of Uranus, read Aquarius, do not go well with the moods of this male Luna subject, read Cancer. Odds against this combination are therefore too great, unless by some chance, one becomes subservient to the other. Aquarius has a need to be independent and often appears detached in a close relationship. She will appear more so to her Cancer mate. But in reality, Aquarians need to be loved too. Its just that they exhibit more of a universal rather than a personal kind of love, and when push comes to shove, they`ll take the world any time. Of course no one knows for sure, not even Aquarius, where or even what that world is!

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