Cancer male Love Relationship with Gemini female

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The homebody Cancer may find club-loving Gemini too hard to pin down. While Gemini is constantly on the lookout for change, Cancer is satisfied with being a truly domesticated mate. While Gemini would love to go out and make friends, Cancer would much prefer to sit around the house with his spouse, simply chatting or maybe helping her to cook or clean up. The famous Cancerian moods may be too difficult for Gemini to handle. And let`s not forget that Gemini, being ruled by the planet Mercury; too has her occasional bouts of ill temper or moody outbursts. However, there would be better compatibility with a male Cancer and a female Gemini, as is the case here, especially if there are children to keep the Gemini mother occupied at home. Cancer is driven by emotions and feelings, and generally prefers stability in his relationships. Gemini`s constant movements will therefore prove unsettling to this watery, sedate star sign.

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