Cancer male Love Relationship with Sagittarius female

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Problems could start the day these two decide to get married, unless of course, they are willing to attempt a complete overhaul of their star-dictated personalities. Cancer admires everything about the Sagittarian - and therein lies the problem. Once Cancer has captured the busy-footed, roving-eyed Sagittarian, he will find it a ``more than I bargained for`` proposition. Cancer will not succeed in keeping his Sagittarian partner close to the hearth. Cancer`s home is his castle, but for his Sagittarian wife, home is just a place to hang her hat. Be careful with this water-fire combination. There is a vast difference in natures here, and the likelihood of compatibility is scant (unless there are mitigating aspects in other areas of their charts). Sagittarius is outgoing and forthright, and this will make the more reticent Cancer uneasy. Cancer is too dependent for the Sagittarius female`s liking. On the positive side, they are both generous people and this might make them friends.

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