Cancer male Love Relationship with Virgo female

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Virgo`s demands may be a bit too much for the usually peaceful and quiet Cancerian. Cancer is sentimental, reticent and even shy about sex matters, and this can be very frustrating for his Virgo partner. Once Cancer goes into his shell, all the tongue lashing and nagging of Virgo will not succeed in bringing him out. This could drive the temperamental Virgo into a state of hysteria. However, there are some good possibilities as well, provided some of their common aspects are thrown in. Cancer will appreciate Virgo`s care and attention to detail, although he may not like Virgo`s critical eye (especially when criticism is aimed at Cancer himself, who takes things to heart as a rule). Virgo in turn will appreciate the loyalty and sincerity of Cancer, but will need to be a little more open and demonstrative of her affection for Cancer.

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