Translation: Forked Branch
Deity: Indra and Agni

You have an attractive personality and are quick-witted. You are very popular, especially with members of the opposite sex. You are very intelligent, needing constant mental stimulation. You prefer the company of like-minded people. You are an excellent communicator, and you write and speak well. You attract a large number of people and make many friends. You have a strong sense of justice and harmony and when you see people being treated unfairly, you speak up.

You will have to guard against sarcasm and speaking negatively about people.

Careers that will suit you: Journalism, sales and marketing, writing.

Those born under this nakshatra are likely to have a very happy marital life and will make good marriage partners.

Those born under this nakshatra could suffer from ailments like paralysis, kidney and bladder trouble, hormone deficiencies etc.

The 27 Nakshatra Names are :

Today Panchang

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Today's Nakshatra

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Today's Choghadiya

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Today's Rahu Kaal

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Today's Shubh Hora

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Today's Yoga

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Today's Karana

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