Translation: The Cutter
Deity: Agni

You have a feline grace and a magnetic personality. You are popular, especially with the opposite sex. You are powerfully built and have a commanding presence. You are hearty and vigorous with a voracious appetite. You are an overachiever and you may acquire many material possessions. You are determined and resolute and once your mind is made up, there is no stopping you. You are admired for your single mindedness, and your sense of purpose. You have the ability to cut through to the heart of the matter and tackle problems head on. Your leadership skills are highly developed though your aggressiveness often intimidates those around you. You are often misunderstood.

Normally those born under this nakshatra are placid characters, but can become very dangerous if provoked.

As the translation implies, you are good at cutting through things. Therefore you will be good at carpentry, sculpture, metal work etc.

Careers that will suit you are: Engineering, law, Military, medicine, business, interior decoration etc.

You are ideally suited to fight for the rights of the less privileged, as you are adept at getting things done.

The 27 Nakshatra Names are :

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