Translation: The Mighty One
Deity: Pitris

You are forthright and honest. You have a positive attitude and a very balanced outlook. You have a commanding personality and are very knowledgeable about various issues. People look up to you for guidance. You respect others and in turn expect respect from them. You have strong leadership skills and yearn to get to the top. You have a tendency to be arrogant, which combined with your bluntness and honesty may alienate some people. You will enjoy a harmonious marital life. However you if you are too demanding of your family you may face problems.

Your honesty and compassion makes you ideally suited to work in the social sector. Also Magha being the Nakshatra of royalty you may well be elevated to high position in life. You may do well in business or in public or private spheres. You can amass a lot of wealth. You are a brilliant planner and organiser and are always in command of a situation.

Those born under this nakshatra could suffer from diseases like asthma, epilepsy or cancer. Women should watch out for uterine problems.

The 27 Nakshatra Names are :

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