Translation: The Bearer
Deity: Yama

You are of medium build with well-set teeth. You are intelligent, with a quick mind and ready wit, and are mentally quite flexible. You are spontaneous and optimistic, and drawn to the unknown. You are very courageous and never shy away from a fight, especially if you think it is for the right cause. Many of you will be blessed with a long life. Your Nakshatra is that of the 'The Bearer', one who is burdened. This often makes you bitter and selfish, as you feel encumbered by responsibility. You dislike being controlled and manipulated though quite often your own behaviour can be childlike.

Some of you are very creative, especially in the visual arts, and may try your hand at painting and photography.

Careers that will suit you are: Military, Chemical industry, medicine, agriculture. You may have problems in romance and may be misunderstood by your partner. You are a connoisseur and fond of good things in life and prone to putting on weight. Obesity and skin diseases could plague many of you.

The 27 Nakshatra Names are :

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Today's Shubh Hora

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Today's Yoga

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