Translation: The Fig Tree

You are attractive and personable able to draw a large number of people towards yourself and make friends easily. You have a sophisticated and dignified bearing. You tend to be scrupulously honest and cannot stand back quietly and watch any illegal activity. You are also single minded and determined and once your mind is made up, there is no stopping you. This trait often causes you to step on a lot of toes and hurt people. It would be wise for you to plan and organise well before starting out on a project. You should be careful with your finances or you may incur a lot of debt.

You often take things to heart and can lapse into a depression when hurt or neglected. You should be honest with your feelings and discuss them rationally and calmly. You will do well in the legal field as well as in law enforcement as it is important for you to defend moral values. Your marital life will be happy though you will require constant reassurance and love from your partner. Those born under this nakshatra could suffer from ailments like asthma and related breathing troubles, dental problems and abdominal complications.

The 27 Nakshatra Names are :

Today Panchang

As the name suggests, Today Panchang is a part of the Hindu Calender i.e, Panchang, which...

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Today’s Tithi

There are a total of 30 tithis in a month defined in Vedic Astrology. The first fifteen...

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Today's Vaar

In the Hindu Vedic Astrology, Vaar is the name given to the solar days. Just like the ...

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Today's Shubh Muhurat

Shubh Muhurat, or auspicious time, in Panchang is that time duration in which planets...

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Today's Nakshatra

'Constellations' or group of stars are known as Nakshatra in Indian Astrology. There are 27...

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Today's Choghadiya

Choghadiya Muhurat is a part of the Vedic Hindu calendar, Panchang. The words...

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Today's Rahu Kaal

The period of Rahu or Rahu Kaal, as more popularly known in the Indian Vedic calendar is a...

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Today's Shubh Hora

Vedic astrology defines each hour of the day as ‘Hora’. Just like the western clock, there are 24...

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Today's Yoga

Translated as summation, Yog is calculated by taking the sum of longitudes of the Sun and Moon...

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Today's Karana

Karan is one half of a Tithi i.e, for every 30 in a particular month there are 60 Karan...

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Festivals are an important part of our lives; they represent the beauty of our culture...

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Zodiac Signs

Astrology, focuses on a person’s astrological or zodiac sign, to a large extent. There are 12 Zodiac ...

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