Leo Monthly Horoscope

(May, 2021)

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On the 1st, Mercury moves into Taurus, which promotes the careers of those who work in finance and brings change and freshness for those looking for a career change. It’s not a bad time to completely change trajectory. With Venus moving into Taurus on the 4th, you’ll find that you have a strong desire to concentrate on work and business. This becomes a driving force for you, and you want to see results and tangible achievements. Such passion and intention can ensure growth. This is also a wonderful transit for Leo natives who have been down on their luck struggling for employment – new opportunities will emerge. On May 26th, Mercury moves into glittering Gemini, which produces excitement and personal magnetism that can bloom into fame and appreciation and validation from others. This placement works wonders for your intellectual life, and if you are studying, you will find many options available to you – you will succeed in all ways. On the 29th, Venus moves into Gemini, which produces a financially excellent period and low expenses enabling you to save and grow. This is a great time for fortifying family as well as pushing forward professionally. This month the sun moves into Taurus, giving you the grounded focus to push for change in your career or business. The expansion will still be heavy on your mind and most certainly achievable if you continue to pour in your best efforts. Work hard; it will all pay off!
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This month is perfect for grooming yourself for the better.

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