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( March, 2021 )

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As Venus moves into Pisces on the 17th, you need to be mindful of your health and take precautions as and when needed. Fire signs are prone to spontaneity injuries, making scrapes and accidents the most significant risk to your wellbeing. You see no need to look before you leap, but if you aren't careful, you might fall down the craggy mountainside. Professionally this can be quite challenging for you, and you may struggle with underestimating your own abilities. A wounded lion with a delicate ego is a pitiful creature indeed. Try to remember that you are more than your limitations. Failure can be character building; it does not signify that you will never be great again. A crisis of confidence can emerge. This is an excellent time to go inside and focus on developing your will power; hardiness and resilience for these qualities help us navigate the storms of life. With Mercury moving into Aquarius on the 11th, your health must take center stage once more. Taking your health seriously rather than developing an attitude of invincibility or ego is essential. This is a great time to put healthful habits into place so that you can prosper. Post 14th, you may find yourself worrying about the wellbeing of your loved ones. Consider a lion caring for its pride; you will be very distressed if any of your teammates falter or struggle. Your loyalty shines through this month as you are there for your loved ones whenever they need you. Be there for yourself too. You need your gentleness and tenderness most of all at times. Sometimes the periods of time where we feel most delicate are there to help us evolve into our greatest selves. The gentle part of you (the inner kitten, if you will) is still very much you. The stars suggest not to be too stubborn or rigid. This might hamper your growth. When it comes to emotions, you might not be yourself. You would show love and also express it to your loved ones. This side of you will be appreciated. But be aware of the people you are envious of you and might try to stain your image. Your intellectual abilities will shine. This year might push you to expand your luxury possessions. But make sure you do not overindulge yourself. There might be some challenges in your way, but over time, when you connect more with yourself, you might resolve them in a better way.

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